Discovering a sinkhole on your property

Discovering a sinkhole on your property can  be a very stressful and scary thing. 


If you suspect or have been told there may be a sinkhole on your property, you probably have many questions.


We can answer those questions and give you real answers, tell you about your options, and even offer solutions.

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The most common questions we receive are:


How can I tell if I have a sink hole on my property?

What tests can be done and how much does it cost?

If I have a sinkhole, can it be repaired?

What is involved in repairing a sinkhole?

What is the first step to take?

Should I notify my insurance company and does my homeowner’s insurance cover sinkhole damages?

Do I want to go through the long remediation process?



We have many years of experience helping homeowners through the sinkhole process.

Buying a house is often the largest investment many people make. More than that, your house is not just a large investment, it is also your family’s home.

We understand, we care and we can help.


Call us today at Call Us at 866-577-1400 (727-593-1400) or email at  to schedule a free consultation and we will answer your questions, explain the repair process and how to handle and work with your insurance company.


Remember, if you have a sinkhole, there are options. Your home can be fully repaired or if you chose not to repair it, you can sell it “as is”.


Call us today and let us help you!

Helping you through this stressful process  is our mission .



We buy houses for cash.

What can you do if you have a property damaged by sinkhole ?

Please review your homeowner’s insurance policy carefully.  Sometimes there is a list of exclusions. Hopefully, you do not have a sinkhole exclusion in your insurance policy. If there is no exclusion, call your insurance company. Please file a claim.  Your insurance company will inspect your house. If the engineering expert finds sinkhole activity at your home, you most likely will have a valid claim. Your insurance company may pay for the foundation repair or they may choose to pay you directly.

If your insurance company pays your insurance claim and you do not want to repair your house, please contact us.  We buys unrepaired sinkhole houses in Florida .

We buy houses for cash.